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  • SF30BA navigation switch led illumination and ip65 rated rjs electronics


    Ø 30mm Push Button Switch, Navigation Switch, Momentary Switch
    IP65 (front)
    QuickCode: 9731
  • Panel Mount, Navigation Switch with LED illumination. Single colour LED illumination switch. RJS Electronics Ltdnabigation push button switch rjs electronics


    Navigation Switch
    IP65 (front)
    QuickCode: 1445
  • Rotary encoder SFA navigation product pushbutton switch panel mount RJS Electronics Ltd.


    Rotary Encoder, Navigation Switch, Encoder
    QuickCode: 1379
  • PCB Mount, Encoder switches, can be customised, custom symbol to suit your design. Pots, Knobs & Encoders, RJS Electronics Ltd.


    Push Button Switch, Encoder
    IP65 (front)
    QuickCode: 1145
  • SF20EA LED Illumination custom symbol push button switch GREENSF20EA LED Illumination custom symbol push button switch GREEN


    Navigation Switch, Selector Switch, Momentary Switch
    QuickCode: 1143
  • SF19BA Joystick Style RED LEDSF19BA Joystick Style BLUE

    SF19BA Joystick Style

    Navigation Switch, Joystick
    IP67 (front)
    QuickCode: 923
  • SF42EA 5 Way Navigation ModuleSF42EA 5 Way Navigation Module 2

    SF42EA 5 Way Navigation Module

    Navigation Switch
    QuickCode: 922
  • sna3 navigation switch rjs electronicsSNA3 1 Navigation 3 way switch YELLOW


    ⌀ 34mm Navigation Switch
    QuickCode: 921
  • SF39EA Rotary YellowSF39EA Rotary Red

    SF39EA Rotary with Push

    Navigation Switch, Encoder
    QuickCode: 914
  • SNA2 Red - Navigation module, pushbutton switch, panel mount customSNA Custom symbol


    Navigation Switch
    QuickCode: 912
  • SNA4 navigation switch rjs electronics ltdSNA4 rectangular 5-way navigation module switch


    Navigation Switch
    QuickCode: 911
  • SF25WA momentary navigation moduleSF25WA momentary navigation module


    Navigation Switch
    IP67 (front)
    QuickCode: 909
  • SF39BA 5 way navigation module pushbutton switch panel mount.

    SF39BA 5 Way Switch

    Navigation Switch
    with 39mm cap
    IP65 (front)
    QuickCode: 896
  • Navigation rotary encoder switch, available with led illumination, rjs electronics ltdnavigation module with black housing, led illumination, rjs electronics ltd


    Navigation Switch
    QuickCode: 895